Teaming for Safety through Quality


From now till December 31, 2018 DTI is offering FREE ONSITE analysis of your system (QMS, SMS, QA). 2 days at your facility with a special presentation to management on how everything should fit together! No charge! We just ask that DTI's SME's travel expenses be covered using the Canadian Travel Regulations as a guide.

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J.H. Program Coordinator

Transport Canada

"FANTASTIC TRAINERS! Sol and his brother Dennis won contracts with Transport Canada on more then one occasion. I had the opportunity to see DTI at work in the classroom and as an administrative executive. I was consistently impressed with the quality of DTI's training techniques, their in class persona and professional ethics." 
Service Category: Trainer Year first hired: 2005
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – NASA TO Transport Canada, U.S. Dod & 100's of Private Enterprises. 

Dennis and Sol Taboada lead a team of the best professionals in industry


We identify technology, training, and process improvement to take your team to the next level. 

Executive buy in, tied with educated employees are the key to success!

DTI assigns multiple assets to your project to assure on-time, satisfactory results

DTI conducts workshops, open to the public, periodically across Canada and the US. 





Dti Training international Consulting

is a consortium of highly trained and experienced Professionals who pool their talents to meet your Specific Needs!

Workshops and Consultation can be performed at your location or ours in Atlanta, GA.

DTI has been the choice of both Government and Private Enterprises when it comes to getting tangible results. Whether your need is in:

  • Safety Management Systems & The Quality Disciplines
  • Advocacy in Representing Client Positions with External Parties
  • Manual Analysis or Creation

DTI, is your resource to help accomplish your goal!

  • SMS Gap Analysis
  • QA Program Gap Analysis
  • SMS, QA & Audit Training
  • MCM & MPM audit & formating
  • SMS & QA Manual auditing
  • Corrective Action Plan Assistance