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Each Module contains both video and audio lessons on all aspects of regulatory compliance with the Components of Canada’s SMS system. Also included are templates and other supporting material designed to get you on the road to a great SMS system. Where possible links to relevant regulatory body informational websites are also included. Best of all, each module comes with access to DTI subject matter experts ready to answer your questions.Each Module has numerous knowledge checks designed point out retention of key points from each lesson.

Upon successful completion of all seven Modules, DTI will award a 

Certificate of Completion

to evidence your achievement!

DTI has once again gone "outside the box" to bring you information that is truly relevant to the development of your SMS system. Years of working with major world goverments has led us to understand that if the front line worker does not understand what, why and how the system works, then all the scholars in the world can't make the system work. Additionally, very few organizations have the financial resources to be able to send all their workers to training. Hence, the development of Genesis.Genesis, will allow 24/7 access to training on all the basic aspects of Quality Assurance and specifically SMS from a Canadian Civil Aviation point of view. Genesis will expand as the United States and other governing bodies begin to clearly identify their specific requirements. But for now, the Canadian model is the world standard and its components will find their way into all future SMS requirements.Our program, in its inception, is a 7 component series. Each component will consist of step by step instruction, using comprehensive examples, text and video, delivered by a DTI certified Subject Matter Expert! Each component has multiple examinations that assure that the participant is gathering the desired information. And, after successful completion of a component, the participant will receive a certificate identifying their acheivement.Components may be aquired individually, or the entire program may be accessed, depending on the participants preference. Access to their choice will be available 24/7 for the duration of the time frame chosen!Genesis has been designed to bring an understanding of the very confusing world of SMS/QA to every worker, on every level. The components presented will help everyone to begin the process of gaining control of their organization, and will aid in preparing you for the next step in your growth!

"There has to be a beginning to everything,including your SMS/QA System"

...Dennis Taboada



(The system, before all others)