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Back in early 2014 we (DTI) were working with a client when they showed us the iAuditor software. We assumed that it was just another consultant driven application that would be cumbersome and require an extensive amount of education and upkeep. 

However, the client insisted that we check it out, and within a 1/2 hour we were blown away. The possibilities that this software can open up for all, but especially the small and medium sized enterprises, where the time and money needed to maintain a robust audit system are prohibitive and endless.

We immediately contacted the authors of the
iAuditor software at SafetyCulture of Australia.

The software is only
$5/user/month (and by the way, DTI does not get a penny of this). 

You can create all your audit templates on this software, including pictures and other audio-visual aides for the auditor.

You can carry all your audit templates with you on your laptop, your tablet, even your smartphone.

Check out their webpage
here, then comeback to see where you can get, an authorized one day training workshop near you!

This one day workshop will not only demonstrate the available uses of iAuditor, but you will actually create an Audit Template using all the tools incorporated in the application.

Participants are asked to bring a PC laptop or iPad.

You may also bring an existing paper audit template from your enterprise to work on converting it to an iAuditor Template in the late afternoon portion of the class. 

  • Creating Audit Checklist Templates
  • Converting Existing Audit Templates to iAuditor
  • Doing an Audit using iAuditor on your Laptop, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone & more
  • Producing Audit Reports using iAuditor
  • Exporting Audit Results to use in Outside Applications including SPC

What's all the Buzz!

Workshop Description & Syllabus

​The SafetyCulture Authorized training workshop for the use of iAuditor! 
Learn all the possibilities available with the IAuditor application including:

Teaming for Safety through Quality


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