Teaming for Safety through Quality


Our Philosophy and Work Ethic!

"No one knows your business like you do! Are you getting the product and/or service you expect out of your system? Is your system operating the way you designed it to? Are you meeting customer/regulator expectations? These are the key questions we answer for you and deliver suggestions that may take you to the next level in productivity, safety, profit and customer satisfaction."

Any and All of the following are available to you!

  • Free - On-Site Consultation on what we do and how we can help you!
  • Free - Up to 2 days of On-Site analysis of your system, with a complete report to management on our observations.
  • No Travel Expenses - Remember We're Neighbors!
  • Free - Up to 4 hours per month phone and email consultation.

It's Time to Come Home!


The Brevard Initiative!

​​After years of traveling around the globe working with partners in Beijing, Vancouver, Seoul, Toronto, Montego Bay and dozens of other exotic locations, we realized we don't know our own neighbors! It seems we have missed out on meeting some of the over 800 enterprises right here in Brevard County Florida.

Our Skymiles accounts are full and we know every inch of Melbourne International Airport. Now its time to stay home and meet you, our neighbors!

Yes, 50% of our team lives in Brevard County, yet we always sought out our initiatives in distant locations!

So, to rectify this, we are proposing "The Brevard Initiative"! A concentrated program to meet new friends and associates. Designed to apologize for slighting our local businesses. Read up on our initiative or just give me a call and I'll explain how we can make it up to you and together we can grow!

Sol Taboada