calgary area - Host to be announced

(Location to be announced)

​Basic Quality Assurance - May 7, 2019

Developing an Acceptable Corrective Action Plan - May 8, 2019 (am session)

Basic Auditing Principles - May 8, 2019 (pm session)

Vancouver area - Host by Pacific Flying Club​

(Unit 4 – 4335 Skeena St., Delta, BC Canada    V4K 0A6)

​Basic Quality Assurance - April 30, 2019
Developing an Acceptable Corrective Action Plan - May 1, 2019 (am session)
​Basic Auditing Principles - May 1, 2019 (pm Session)​


Scheduled in Canada and the U.S.

These workshops will be brought to various locations across Canada and the U.S.. 

DTI, having spent the last 15 years helping develop and deliver training to Transport Canada, NASA and the U.S. DoD, on Quality Assurance, SMS and Surveillance Procedures, is now ready to help you achieve all you can.The workshops are designed to familiarize the participants with the basics of a QA/SMS system and what Transport Canada, the FAA and other governing bodies will be looking for, as they implement their system. It is being taught by the same group (DTI) that has helped Canadian Regulators develop the QA & Surveillance portions of the SMS, and has spent the last ten years facilitating the implementation of the new process to all its inspectors.

Three Ways to Attend the Workshops!

1) Sign up to the workshops at a location most convenient to you below!

2) Host our workshops and receive incentives and discounts.

3) Bring DTI to your Enterprise for Company Specific workshops! Receive Discounts, Incentives and more! (this applies to even a single workshop!)

Teaming for Safety through Quality


From now till June 30, 2019 DTI is offering FREE ONSITE analysis of your system (QMS, SMS, QA). 2 days at your facility with a special presentation to management on how everything should fit together! No charge! We just ask that DTI's SME's travel expenses be covered using the Canadian Travel Regulations as a guide.