SMS Integration Free webinar - You don't want to miss this one!

2 hours

​May 4, 2021 @ 12pm EST

Attendance is FREE, but you must reserve a seat to get the entrance key!

DTI Proudly introduces certificate level webinars to assist you in meeting training needs while complying with social distancing requirements and saving you travel expenses!

Two NEW Webinar workshops will be rolled out as they are produced to meet the strict DTI level of quality you've come to expect.

​DTI, having spent the last 20+ years helping develop and deliver training to Transport Canada, NASA and the U.S. DoD, on Quality Assurance, SMS, SPC and Surveillance Procedures, is now ready to help you achieve all you can.The workshops are designed to familiarize the participants with the basics of a QA/SMS system and what Transport Canada, the FAA and other governing bodies will be looking for, as they implement their system. It is being taught by the same group (DTI) that has helped Canadian Regulators develop the QA & Surveillance portions of the SMS, and has spent the last ten years facilitating the implementation of the new process to all its inspectors.

The Webinar experience!

1) Sign up for the webinar by clicking the Reserve a Seat button to the right!

2) Follow the instructor live as he goes through the curriculum.

3) Ask questions live and get on the spot answers.

4) Complete the exam that was sent to you before the webinar for a 70% passing grade

​5) Receive your certificate

Teaming for Safety through Quality